Feb 14, 2010

A boy and his pear...

Another week and weekend is at it's end. I can't get a grip on how fast time is passing by these days. It might be related to me being very occupied at work, at home and trying to prepare for the CCIE exam this year.

Anyways, Sebastian is a very busy boy, and he is good at keeping mom and dad busy too. This week-end it seems he hasn't been bothered by anything, so he's been his usual happy and "runaround" kid all week-end. A real spreader of joy and happiness. He's copying us when we do stuff, he's trying out new things when he discovers something he hasn't noticed before. And he is really testing us out when he feels like he's being treated unfairly (like not being allowed to play with daddy's remote). Whoooha! What a temper, hmmm... I wonder who's side of the family that comes from....

With two beautiful days behind us, we've been a lot outdoors. And I wouldn't be too surprised if I all of a sudden posted a photo or two later on this week. So stay tuned.

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