Feb 7, 2010

And "suddenly" the week-end was over...

It's been a "busy" week-end with a great weather and a lot of activity. Sebastian has been sleeping a bit poorly this past week, as he is teething again. This time it is his lower "fangs", but it's probably the last for a few months.

What to do with a tired and not so happy boy? Well, keep him busy == keeps us busy. And all in all, we've had a lot of fun in the snow. Despite a few poor nights, and a constant fight to make him eat something other than grapes, he's been a good sport ;)

Actually, we had decided to stay at home today. But when some friends of ours asked us over for dinner we were quick to change our minds. And we're glad we did. Today's photos are of the kids and me (thanks ET, for taking the shot), mostly the kids ;)

There are more shots from this week-end at

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