Jan 1, 2010

X-mas at Farmor's

We're back from a short trip to Stavanger, where we spent X-mas at Farmor's place. It was a action-packed week, and I felt like it was over before it had begun. i will probably have to spread events over several posts.

Needless to say? This X-mas was all about Sebastian. He got so many presents, I don't think he really knows all of his new toys yet (Probably a benefit of having so many grandparents).

We stayed most of X-mas at Farmor's house, but for x-mas eve we went to her cabin. The cabin was the only place with room for 15 for dinner.....

As the tradition goes, we then spent the 1. day of x-mas with Mormor, and the 2. day with Farfar (we alternate as x-mas's go by).

There wil certainly be more pictures from this trip, but for now I'll leave you with two of his new toys: His "chuggchugg" and his new and noisy (not quite happy with the volume on that one) piano.

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