Jan 12, 2010

The evening view from our house

There haven't been too many posts here this year. But it is dark when I go to work, and it's dark when I get home. And there are not many exciting things to shoot in the house right now. == Not much to blog about.

Most of the time we are home and there is daylight (week-ends obviously), we spend indoors. It's freezing here. Not too bad if you're a grown-up, and you drag a sledge behind you. But for the poor boy who sits on the sledge, and barely move. We were out for 30 minutes this previous week-end. Sebastian looked like the Michelain-man in his outfit, but he was still very cold after only 30 minutes. With his sniffles on top of the cold, we've decided to play it safe.

Here is, however, a shot from the living-room window. Showing the colors of the sunset. Bergen is not used to the kind of weather we are experiencing right now. Way below -10C (which is a lot in the sea-climate we have) and no rain (or snow for that matter) for the last 14 days? I sure appreciate it, and I try to remember the alternative before complaining about the cold. After all, all I have to do is put some more clothes on :)

Sebastian is, by the way, going through some changes at the moment. He seems to be trying out a lot of new sounds. He also looks more aware of things, trying to understand the meaning of things and most certainly tries to control things. His favorite word of the month is "No". Even though he often nods, and really mean yes. Strange little boy :) He's gotten all but two of his teeth now (of those he is supposed to get now), and we've been through a few nights of poor sleep for all of us. Hopefully it's soon all over, and he will go back to his normal 12 hrs sleep at night.

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