Jan 30, 2010

A concert worth waiting for :)

The concert was supposed to be held in the summer of 2009, but as some of you might know; It was rescheduled due to Gahan's cancer. The concert was also re allocated from an outdoor arena to Vestlandshallen. And boy am I glad it was. Indoors we got to see the show in all it's glory. Something the summer light in Norway never allows us to.

The concert was a two hour long hit parade for the fans, and I loved every minute of it :) And with the golden circle tickets, we managed to find our way to the very front row. Nothing but the fence and 1 meter of security guards between us and the band!

Sebastian? oh, he was back home, sleeping. Mormor is here for the week-end, and was the dedicated babysitter. She's been taking care of him on mornings as well, giving mom and dad some much awaited sleep-in. Thank you Mormor! AS a bonus for her, Sebastian pointed to her when we asked "Where is Mormor?", after playing the game: where is mom, where is dad, where is your nose, and so on.... he knows how to melt hearts :)

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