Dec 8, 2009

Trying to find that x-mas feeling :)

Every year, at least since we moved to Bergen, we try to pay the gingerbread village a visit. It is supposed to be the biggest of it's kind. This year we really had to go, for two reasons:

1. We wanted to create a "pre x-mas" tradition for Sebastian. And going there really sets the mood. The smells and sounds of x-mas, and little children's eyes gleaming with joy everywhere are just overwhelming :)
2. This year, some ..... (I shall not write bad words on my blog....) went inside and ruined the village "just for fun" when being drunk. We did not have time to build a gingerbread house (people have gone bananas, trying to rebuild the village in time. And the "village" is larger than ever!!), but we wanted to show how much we appreciate this tradition by showing up :)

Sebastian was given a gingerbread cookie at the entrance, but soon forgot to eat it. He had an excellent view from daddy's back. Here he could see every building, and not to forget; every train.... The picture of him here is taken when he is watching a train passing by.

We made an evening out of it, by meeting some old friends for dinner. We think Sebastian had the best of times this day. He was "singing" and smiling all the way home and on his way to bed. He fell asleep almost immediately (5 minutes, tops).

This post was written to the tunes of "a Rat Pack x-mas album", of course.... :)

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