Dec 2, 2009

More Cars

I've posted pictures of this car before. But the car is no longer alone. It's got a friend (or partner? What do I know). I've wanted to take a picture of the two of them for a while, but I haven't had the time. So the other day, I brought my camera with me when I took Luna out for a walk. And even though it was dark, I was quite satisfied with the result. As a real "bonus" for me, it was freezing cold. It wasn't very cold, to tell you the truth. But in Bergen it can switch from C+5 and wet to C-5 and still being wet within a very short time. When you add the wind chill, it feels like C-20.......

Back to the "bonus"; I was pleased to see the effect of frosted surfaces in the dark. The photos are a bit dark, but I've done this on purpose. The place where these cars are "left" has that dark and gloomy feel to it. And it would be wrong to alter the brightness in these images. The only light source here is the "natural" light from a lamp post.

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