Nov 7, 2009

What a week..... Mom and dad's been really busy at work for the past two weeks, and we've only received rumors about Sebastian's development from the day care center. But for the few past days, he's beginning to show off at home too.
Most important of all; He is no longer only crawling on all four when he moves around. He is really trying to walk around. When he tries to move around, he starts out by taking a few cautious steps (counting 5-10) before sitting down and moving on when walking doesn't get him there as fast as he want's to.
On short distances he doesn't sit down at all, and his face is beaming with joy at his success.

We've also started to ease Sebastian into real food, and off the stuff you buy on glass. It's not like we're rushing anything, but we try to eat dinner at the same time as he is. And keep offering food from our plates. Sometimes when we forget this, he is sure to tell us he wants to try (which we figured is a good sign). Biggest hits from the grownup plates are: eggs, beans, rice, hot-dogs and any kind of bread related products (wraps, bread, pita +++). He is not that into food he has to chew a lot to eat (yet), but he is trying. Fish seems easier to eat than meat.
It's also very clear to us that he is very pleased when he gets to eat what we eat. "Poor" boy is probably tired of "canned" food.

Today's picture is taken from a bathroom set just uploaded to his album on Picasa.

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