Nov 29, 2009

Busy, busy, busy.....

It's been really quiet on this blog lately. I have no excuse for being lazy, but the reason this blog has been quiet is that the life in general is everything but quiet....

So, what's new? For the two past week-ends, Sebastian's had visitors from Stavanger. Farfar and Besta payed him a visit last week-end, while Farmor visited him this week-end. Sebastian has been giving hugs to every-one, and is showing signs of recognizing these "strange" grown-ups which show up every now and then. It's really fun to see him in action.

This Saturday was the traditional lighting of the x-mas tree downtown. Sadly it's a bit late for him, but we were there for some of the x-mas music. Be sure to come back here to see a video of him, singing and enjoying it all.

Also, Sebastian is no longer taking a few steps. He is "running" all over the place. He looks like a drunk man, but he doesn't care. Gotta move.....

On the photography side.... ouch, there is not enough time. I've been traveling to Oslo the last two weeks, and the weather/lighting hasn't been right. I hope to make amends soon :)

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