Oct 10, 2009

A weekly update?

It's been one of those weeks. We've been busy with all kinds of things, and I haven't had the time update the blog the last couple of days. It hasn't been all work and no fun, we've had some laughs the previous week to :)

So, what's new in the world of Sebastian? We have noticed a slight personality change in him the last week. Nothing dramatic, it's just like he's suddenly more aware of some things. His eye's have a different gleam, and he is really paying more attention to what mom and dad are doing. At the same time, we've realized that he is understanding a lot more. He used to recognize simple words from us, but he is now starting to understand combinations of words. Things like; Under there, over here or Are you hungry?

Sebastian also had his last check up at the healthcare station on Thursday. He has turned out to be a very average boy, and has caught up with the rest of the crew (considering he was premature). He is now 10,7 KG and 80,6cm. Which is supposed to be spot on for both age and weight according to his birth weight and height. As part of this checkup, he also got one final shot (next one won't be until he's in school). And he surprised everybody by not crying at all. Just a tiny shiver of the lip, and then it was all over.

His sleeping habits are also about to change. Up until now, he's been sleeping well at night and the two naps during the daytime. Lately, he's been reluctant to take his afternoon nap. And we are now trying to merge those two naps into one longer one in the middle of the day. We're struggling a bit to make him sleep long enough, as he is used to sleeping no more than 30-45 minutes at a time. But we are getting there. Yesterday he slept for two hours without waking up. We're crossing our fingers and hoping it will last. We know all the other kids at the day care follow this pattern, and if we're successful he'll get more playtime with the other kids.

Despite the busy everyday life, we found some quiet minutes to "celebrate" our 9-year anniversary this week. We didn't make much of it this year, but we sat down and relaxed with a good bottle of wine, and a good movie.

Aunt Nina has come from Oslo this week-end, to say hello to her nephew. They are having the best of times together, and she is the only reason I have found time to write this long blogpost. Right now they are "feeding" each other with breakfast (for her) and lunch (for him).

The roses in this blog are from Auntie, and the bouquet is from my wife to me (Thank you sweetie xoxo)

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