Oct 26, 2009

Autumn skies

If you have the time to (it's really all about taking the time) look out the window every now and then in the autumn, you will see the most fabulous colors on display. here are two shots taken from my mother-in-law's living room window.

The main feature is of the sun set (note how I am facing west here, and why that is important in the next shot). The sun is setting behind a few clouds, and really setting the other clouds (multiple layers) on fire. It was awesome!

The second shot is taken the next morning. I'm still facing west, but this time the sun is lighting up the landscape in front of me (coming from behind). I found the combination of shadows at the bottom, the bushes "on fire" and the stormy clouds behind fascinating.

Both pictures are a bit grainy, as I wanted to capture the light and had to use a higher ISO than usual.

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