Sep 21, 2009

Ma ma?

Sebastian has been saying Ma ma ma ma... for a while now, but only this week-end did we recognize it as a call for Mommy. He was on the floor with me, and he looked around when he heard mom's voice from the hall way. He then said "Ma ma?!?", and as soon as mommy replied he smiled from ear to ear and shot of to meet Mommy.

He has also started asking for "da da". Not exactly "pappa" (Norwegian), but when "da da" replies, he smiles back at me.

It is really wonderful to realize that he beginning to learn to express himself verbally. It brings the form of communication to another level. It is clear to us that he understands quite a bit, but now he is able to "talk" back to us. He is now also requesting things by reaching out and saying "dah!". Smiling a lot when he gets what he asked for (and yes, if we bring him the wrong thing he doesn't smile, but pushes it away).

Sebastian isn't walking yet, but he was "caught" standing without support for almost 10 seconds today. And he uses his stool as a walking support, pushing it in front of him.

That's all for now, the baby is sound asleep and it is time for the grown-ups to read todays paper and watch TV :)

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