Aug 23, 2009

A week-end with Farfar

Farfar wanted to spend some time with Sebastian this week-end. He and Besta had double booked this week-end, so he had to come alone (Besta went of to Oslo to celebrate one of her Niece's 50th birthday). Sebastian was already sleeping when Farfar arrived on Friday, so he was a bit frightened when this big "hairy" guy showed up in the kitchen, early Saturday morning. But the fright soon wore off, and they played together after a while.

Since Farfar was in town, mom and dad took the opportunity to go to a birthday party Saturday evening while Farfar babysat the sleeping baby.

We also got the time to assemble Sebastian's new swing (the one we bought for his birthday money) in the garden. And here's a picture (more on Picasa) of Sebastian's first go on the swing.

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