Aug 3, 2009

Sebastian's big day :)

Today was Sebastian's (and ours) big day, and the beginning of an exciting week. It was his first day at the day care "center". It's not really a center, but a tiny "family" day care where there are only 4 children, three of them are of the same age (give or take a few weeks).

This week is known as the "easing it in" week, and we started by just visiting the day care for a few hours. Needless to say, Sebastian felt right at home and needed only a few minutes in the room before he was inspecting the place.

Sebastian 1 year +
We had the place to ourself today, as Sebastian is the first child to start this semester. One will be coming back from holiday later this week, and the two others will start their "easing in" on the following Mondays (one child each week). Sebastian also had time to play alone with the care taker, and he even gave her a hug after a few minutes (Mom and dad are relieved of all the good signs). Tomorrow, Dad has to go to work, but mom gets to continue the easing in for two more days. Dad will take care of Thursday, and if all goes well we'll leave him for one whole day on Friday. i will let you know how that turns out.

Anyway, I took a few photos of the event, and uploaded them with a few more from todays playtime at the park.

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