Aug 15, 2009

It's wet!

Even though this picture is from a series I shot back in July, it pretty much describes the weather for the past week. I know someone commented a previous post, where I wrote "autumn sun". But the truth is, this week has been a week of autumn, weather wise.

But you're not here to read about the weather. If you're here to view new pictures taken recently, I'll have to disappoint you. It's been a busy week, and with the rain and all it hasn't been very tempting to go out and search for things to capture on "film".

If you're here to read about Sebastian, I can tell you he is absolutely loving the day care. He has found new friends and does not stop smiling, according to the care takers (And they love how much he "talks" all the time). He has also managed to bring home a slight cold, and happily shared it with mom and dad. But such is life.

As it was raining today too, we spent the day shopping. And we have now bought the swing set "he" wanted for his birthday. All I need now is a few hours of sun to assemble the thing (Next spring, anyone?).

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