Jul 27, 2009

A very "strange" day....

Wow! I've been away from work for 2.5 months, and coming back today felt like I hadn't been away at all. It was like a time-warp. I must admit today was a day I had mixed feelings about. I really enjoyed staying home with Sebastian, but it was good to talk to grown-ups again, about other things than diapers and *gackums* :)

Coming home from work was a bit harder. Mom and Sebastian left for Stavanger with Farmor and Bård Inge (And before I forget: Thank you so very much for the new fence! I wish I could say thanks for helping me, but all I did was paying for the materials). The house really feels empty today (Sorry Luna, you just can't make up for all of them at the same time). When I went to bed last night they were all here, but now it's only Luna and me. Even Luna is a bit bummed out, and have been sleeping by my feet all evening.

As previously posted, we attended a wedding on Saturday. Without Sebastian (*gasp*). We left him in the care of Farmor all afternoon and evening. And according to Farmor, he didn't miss us at all (maybe a little bit, but nothing Farmor could not compensate for). Thank you Farmor for babysitting, and letting us have some grown-up time at the party :)

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