Jul 8, 2009

Three sheep and a thunderstorm....

There is a tiny farm not far from where we live. And when I mean tiny, it is tiny. The farm used to be a lot bigger, but as selling land has been very lucrative the farm is no more. The main house is still there, and a small house for a few animals. The animals are kept for educational purposes (There is a school right next door), and teachers often bring their classes here for show and tell. There are only a few sheep and cows left. The cows stay indoors, but the sheep is often seen outside.

A friend of mine came over for a quick visit and brought her camera with her. So with two strollers (her daughter is only 3 months old), two cameras and a dog we went outside in the sun to take some pictures. These are the only few good ones I got to take before it started pouring down. We thought i might just be a quick shower, but as the thunder broke we knew it was about time to turn around.

I guess we'll have to make that photo walk another day :)

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