Jul 1, 2009

By the sea

The past week has been absolutely wonderful. Sun, sun and more sun. That's why some friends and I went out to sea for some scuba diving. Some friends of mine have their boat at kleppesjøen, Sotra this year, just an hour by car from where I live.

It turned out to be quite an adventure, as one of us had problems with the gas tanks. I dropped my keys of the pier, and one wrecked his equipment just as we were about to submerge.....

Lucky me brought the camera on the trip, and I spent an hour or so looking for things to shoot. I am pretty pleased with some of the photos I shot there. They are not perfect, but as a first field trip by the sea, it's not bad. Some of the shots are pure luck, and some of them are actually well though through.

I love the first shot in this post. It is not arranged in any way, it is captured as I found it.

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