Jul 20, 2009

Another flower, another bumble-bee

Here I go again, I can't stop taking pictures of flowers. And here is yet another post with flowers.

I have no idea what they are all called, but why should that keep me from shooting and posting. There also happened to be another bumble-bee in one of the flowerbeds I passed by, and it really wanted to be a part of my blog.

One of the fascinating things about flowers is how different shots appear, depending on angle, light and background.

This post concludes the collection of photos I shot on the trip to Stavanger.

I expect I'll have less time to take pictures and blogging in the weeks to come. It's time for me to prepare to go back to work....

I'be been on vacation/paternityleave since May 15. and this is my last week as a stay-home dad. I can't describe how awarding it has been staying home with Sebastian, and I am bit saddened by the fact that it is over in a few days. I can only hope he feels the same way. Next week he'll spend in Stavanger with his Mom, Auntie and Mormor, and in the following week he'll be off for day care.

Another chapter in his and our lives is about to begin......

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