Jun 29, 2009


Gamlebyen in Fredrikstad lays on the eastern side of town, and is surrounded by a beautiful moat and walls. This collection of photos where all taken on the same day described in an earlier post.

Sebastian and I joined Farmor on a trip here during our recent stay in Fredrikstad. Driving (and especially parking) is limited within the walls, and taking a walk on the cobblestone covered street and sidewalks is something I can really recommend.

Gamlebyen is well preserved and is full of surprises if you take your time to look around.

A lot of artists have settled down in Gamlebyen, and there are a lot of arts and crafts shops to be found. They are like small galleries in themselves. And if this is to your liking, I guarantee you'll enjoy the stay (which will probably last for a few hours).

There are also cafes, bars and restaurant within the walls. Some of them have tables on the sidewalk, some are only indoors, and some are located in the courtyard of some buildings. I think I could recommend most of them (Not counting Peppes Pizza as one of them. Not that I don't reccomend Peppes, but you can get Peppes almost anywhere else :)

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