Jun 16, 2009

An eventful day for Sebastian

It's Tuesday and day three back home. Sebastian put up a fight last night, keeping us up 3 hours through the night. He still needs a day or two to get accustomed to our time zone. We're hoping for a better night tonight :)

Today was Sebastian's 1 year check up. We are happy to report our son is "average" :)
Average weight, height and head measure. Here are the vitals:
Height: 75cm
Weight: 10kg

It was also time for two shots to follow up on previous vaccines. Sebastian was very brave, and only cried a little when he got the second shot. He was quick to recover, and was soon playing with the other children on the floor.

Back home we had a message waiting on the phone. It was a message from a daycare center, offering Sebastian a slot at their center. It was not one of the centers we applied for, but it seems ok and we accepted the slot (remaining on hold for the other day care centers we have applied for). At least we now know we have a spot after the summer break :)

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