Jun 9, 2009

A brief report from Calais Maine

I know I've been awfully quiet for the last few days, but we are trying to relax as much as we can up here. And that includes dad not spending hours and hours in front of the computer to go through all of the images on the camera. I know some of you would like to see them all already, but all I have done so far is to offload the camera onto the portable hard drive.

But as I was offloading and browsing through, I could not resist posting a few good shots from the past week. Morfar and Nanny are doing their best to give Sebastian all the entertainment he asks for, and mom and dad have been sent off to do shopping alone. They even found some time to go out to dinner; on a date... the first real one since Sebastian was born. That was great.

During the trip, Sebastian has also learned about some new surfaces. In Santa Monica, he touched sand for the very first time. The sand didn’t taste very good, but it sure was fun to throw around. (Pictures of this event will be uploaded some time after we arrive back home). Grass however, was much more fun. Soft, cool and chewy :). Sebastian and mom spent a good half an hour just looking, feeling and trying out the grass.

Sebastian’s parents can report of a boy who now talks (or rather: gackgack gack!) a lot more, and who has made his first two meter dash on all four. He doesn’t crawl when we look at him, probably because he expects us to move him. But when he thinks that no one is watching, he is able to move quite a distance without any help.

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