May 18, 2009


Saturday was Sebastian's namingday (an alternative to baptizing), and we all drove down to Sandnes to join in on ceremony.

The ceremony was a small one, with about 10 children who all got their names on a diploma. First there was a song, then we were all welcomed (children with their familes) by a NHA representative. There was a speech and some musical entertainment before Sebastian was called (last but not least) to the stage to receive his diploma.

Since it was such a beautiful day, we took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures by the seaside before heading to Ostehuset (sorry, link is in Norwegian only), a restaurant in Stavanger for a delicious lunch.

Below is a sample of pictures you can see on Picasa (album is complete now, if you have read the post below before this one). Most of my readers probably know all the faces, but to summarize the pictures:
1: Mormor and Mom, 2: Mom and Dad, 3: Dad and Farfar, 4: Farmor, 5: Farfar, 6: Mormor
(Sorry Farmor, I didn't get any shots of Dad and you )

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