Apr 20, 2009

Sharp pointy teeth

Yes, the title is from a Monty python movie, but no; This post is not about a killer rabbit :)

I've been posting about teething on more than one occasion, but we have not been able to see anything yet. It is still very hard to see anything because whenever we try to open his mouth with our fingers, he starts chewing on them.

But we have been certain of the presence of teeth since we have felt some sharp objects in his mouth when he chewed on our fingers. And there have been traces of them on the bits of apple he likes to put in his mouth.

The reason I haven't posted anything, is because we haven't seen anything (just felt them). But this week-end we finally managed to trick our boy to smile wide enough for us to get a glimpse. And I can report of two front teeth in his mouth :)

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