Apr 26, 2009

Busy week-end

Wow! I can honestly say those days (when a week-end meant some time off) are gone. I can't remember last time we had a quiet week-end just the two of us. These days, week-ends mean: Doing everything you didn't accomplish during the week...
As we went away the previous week-end, this one was busy. Just check out this list:
  • Gardening (Spring is here, and the garden really needed some attention)
  • Trip to IKEA to shop some safety "stuff" for Sebastian (Having two floors, we need block the stairs in both ends before he learns two move too much around)
  • Trip to the baby shop to buy Sebastian a playpen (somewhere safe to put him if we need to pay attention to something other than him for a short time)
  • Cleaning all the floors (ground and 1st floor)
  • Walking the dog.
  • Inviting some friends for dinner today
All of this and still entertaining the little boy who as always was in a good mood most of the time :). His teeth gave him a rough night last night and he was a bit more tired tonight. He fell asleep within 5 minutes after dad had sung a lullaby (A record for him). We're hoping he'll sleep better tonight.

Even with everything on the list, I managed to sneak off and take some more pictures in the garden. Check out the one of our plum tree. It smells fantastic, and if you look closely and count all the white specs in the frame.... Those are flowers, and potential plums. The year before last, we weighed in 12kg on two trees (last year was a disaster, due to us being preoccupied with Sebastian). We're hoping for a great plum year this year :)

The final picture in the post is of sweet Maya. So tiny, so cute and really looking like her dad :)

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