Mar 7, 2009

The continuing story of the Sleeping beauty.

Make no mistake; Disruption of "The routine" is a disaster when it comes to Sebastian. We went away last week-end, and he caught daddy's sniffle. These two things set us back many weeks in sleeping habits. But now, almost a week after the wedding, I am glad to pronounce that mommy was only woken once the previous night. Dad stayed in the room next to Sebastian's, but Sebastian cried only once before his night snack (we still give him food at 5am) and we all slept well rest of the time. This is the first night he has slept this long without waking up, but he is waking less often now. This is such a relief for us. We only hope it will continue in the nights to come. 
Sebastian 6-12 months

I am also pleased to let you all know we have come to a point where we feel we have put the bad part behind us, and we are really starting to enjoy having Sebastian around us. It's not like we did not want to have him around, but with more sleep comes more energy. And it is so much easier to appreciate everything when the energy levels are back at almost normal. Now we are ready for the next fight :) (It is soon time to let go of the night time snack)

PS: The picture here is taken from a newly updated Picasa album :)

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