Mar 2, 2009

Back to the blog...

As I have tried to remind myself a couple of times: This blog was supposed to be about my hobby... Photography... So here is a post regarding pictures :)

I am really no big fan of cropping in software after taking the picture. I believe in creativity with the camera and learning the skills to take good pictures. Sometimes you “need” to perfect them in the development process, of course. But the better the "original" is, the better will the end result be. However, there are times where cropping is very effective in creating moods, special effects, or as the new logo; to serve a special purpose. 

The new blog logo and the picture in this blog post are examples of creating a mood/effect by cropping. The originals are rather dull, and full of disturbing "things" around the edges. But by cutting at the top or bottom, I think I have created to good pictures. The logo was taken just after the sun had moved down behind the mountains, and the second one was taken the next morning after a snowy night.

I really love how the same scene can be so different in different conditions.

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