Feb 27, 2009

"Who you looking at?"

This is a great shot of Sebastian trying to look into my cell phone today. I really don’t have much to write about, but I needed an excuse to post the picture :)

I might also add how easy it is to travel with Sebastian. We had a 5 hour drive to Loen, Stryn today, and he did not complain once. He stayed in his seat (strapped, so not really a choice) and played games with mommy, or looked out the window or taking a nap. If this is going to continue, it will really be a joy taking him with us everywhere.

By the way; can anyone tell me why going from to travelers to three travelers adds so much more baggage? Whenever we’re going somewhere it feels like we’re packing the entire house in three small bags….. My wife and I used to travel with one suitcase each. But now it is one suitcase for the two of us, and two for the little Mr. Sebastian :)

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