Dec 16, 2008

What a busy week and week-end

Here I am again, after a busy week, week-end and a busy start on this week. It’s not really been that busy, but as parents might recognize; Busy = Not much time to do all the stuff we used to do, since the baby gets all the attention (and still steals much sleep J).

The previous week was pretty uneventful, and we are pleased it was. We took Sebastian for another checkup at the chiropractor, and she could tell he has improved a lot since the first consultation. His neck is no longer stiff, and he is moving as freely as he should. The only thing left was a stiff muscle or two in the lower back.

We’ve also begun massaging Sebastian’s feet regularly, and he seems to respond quite positive to the “treatment”. He is now a lot calmer at night, and mom gets to sleep a bit more without being interrupted. His colic symptoms also seems to ease of a bit. Weather it is because of treatment, or because he is getting older, we don't know. We're just glad he is getting better.

As you probably, can tell from the photos in this post we had another week-end with visitors. This time it was Farfar and Besta. Farfar and Besta babysat, and mom and dad got to buy Christmas presents on their own. We even had a quiet lunch at a restaurant. It was nice to have a few hours of ”freedom”. It gave us the chance to miss him (and we did) J

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