Dec 29, 2008

One of those Christmases

What a Christmas. It all started out fine, but it hasn't turned out quite the way we wanted. We celebrated at Aunt Nina's house, with her family and Mormor. Since it was Sebastian's first Christmas, it was a bit special. I don't think I have to tell who got the mos presents this year... and probably many years to come ;). Sebastian got new fun toys and cool clothes, and I am not sure I can fit it all in the car for trip home. 

The day after Christmas we drove down to Fredrikstad to visit Farmor and Sebastians Great Grand Mother (Farmor's mother). We spent the day, but left early beacause Sebastian was not feeling well. (Oh... did I have to tell you there were more presents this day?)

The next day Sebastian's condition seemed better, but he got worse in the evening. I on the other hand was suddenly feeling very bad. I had a sore throat, fever and my nose was "stuffed". So I gave in, and crawled in under a blanked, and stayed there for the days. I'm feeling better today and hope I'm recovered by tomorrow, since we're driving back home tomorrow. 

But enough about me. As mentioned earlier, Sebastian's health didn't improve and I was feeling what it did to me. We got worried about what it did to the little boy. We took Sebastian for a checkup by a doctor, and had his blood analysed for bacteria. It turned out that both Sebastian and I are just experiencing a strong cold, and there is nothing much we can do but wait for it to pass. Eat, drink, sleep and relax (like I feel like doing anything else). But it was comforting to know that it wasn't anything serious.

I'm really sad it turned out this way, because we had plans to get together with other family members and friends. Aunt Nina was going to babysit, so Mom and Dad could go to a movie or something. It just proves you can't always expect things to go as planned. But the worst part of it all is how much extra work my wife had to do. We were supposed to relax, take turns with Sebastian, and really gather our strengths this Christmas. Instead, my wife seems more tired than ever. Hopefully I'll be able to make up for some of it during the next week-end.

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