Nov 17, 2008

A good week-end

I think this has been the first "normal week-end since Sebastian was born. It was a week-end where we were able to go to the hairdresser, my wife had her eyes checked and we went to visit some friends for dinner (a bit late because of sleeping and eating, but we got there). And all of this was done without us being afraid of Sebastian's constant pains getting in the way, and making us go home.

We learned that he does not like mom to eat garlic, but that's ok, as long as we know. :) And we put up a fight every time we have to go to sleep. Sleep is obviously for the meek (parents... :P )

Sebastian is so much calmer now, and he sure knows how to charm his parents. A few more weeks of this, and who knows? Maybe we forget how bad it was? A good thing I have this blog to remind me then. 

The shots of Sebastian in this post, are taken the last week or so :)

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