Oct 10, 2008

More facts and figures

It is clear to me now: With a baby in the house, I don’t get to post as much as I like. And the last week has just gone way to fast past me. The post I am writing now should have been out on Wednesday, but no such luck.

But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you’re up to date on our events. You’ll just have to be patient :)

Sebastian got his first shots on Wednesday. He did not like that at all, and his been kind of grumpy the last two days. Hopefully the effects soon wear off. It was also time for weighing and measuring. Sebastian is now 58 cm long, 39 cm around the head and weigh 4750 g. The healthcare provider was happy with Sebastian’s weight progress. He is still not weighing “enough”, but the growth rate is at a parallel with his peers. At the previous weigh-in, his rate was “to slow” for his age. This was good news, as we’ve been on the radar ever since he got out from the hospital. If he keeps up with this rate, he might even catch up with his peers.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted too much about Sebastian’s development yet. I am aware of his challenges of being premature, and have therefore tried not to focus too much on it yet. But so much is happening, it is hard not to. And it is the little things that really touches my heart. He is 3 months now (this coming Monday), and is now smiling and talking to him self. He recognizes our voices raises his head and looks around if he hears us but can’t see us. He is getting aware of his hands (not fully, but he has discovered them as things to put in his mouth) and he clearly recognizes us (and Luna). Nothing really beats coming home from work, and being greeted by a baby smile when he sees me.

That’s all for now, more to come later.

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