Oct 24, 2008

It’s been a loooooong week

It’s my first week away from Helen and Sebastian since Sebastian was born. And I must say; It’s been longer than expected. Not that I didn’t expect to miss them both, but not that much. I’ve been calling home every day, and even tried to talk to Sebastian over the phone. Helen told me he was looking around when he heard my voice, before focusing on the device on the table (Helen’s phone) and smiling. His “a gooo” forced out a tiny tear in my eye. He is only three month old, but he recognizes my voice. (“A gooo” is the firm reply we get when trying to communicate with him every day).

In Oslo, I’ve been attending a OCS 2007 course, and taken a certification on the product (I’ll post something about it on my techblog later). And in the evening, I’ve been more social than the last three months. I’ve met with colleagues, ex-colleagues and my sister-in-law and her husband.

002Here is photo Helen sent me the other night. Showing Sebastian smile at his new chewing toy. I have to tell you that he did not play with things before I left for Oslo. But now he is. I am amazed of how much he develops over a week, when I’m not home to see him every day. I’m not very conscious about this when I’m home and see him every day. But learning about his development while I’m away really makes me aware of how he really develops every single day.

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