Sep 28, 2008

A report from our first vacation with Sebastian, Part 3 (On the road again)

With the wedding behind us, we still had a few more days to spend on the road. We left Rapallo just before noon, and planned to be in Vence (France) before dinnertime. I’ve been in France and Italy before, and have been to Provence more than once. But I have never taken the time to “drop by” Monaco. Neither had the rest of the “crew”. We decided to have lunch in Monaco, on the way to Vence.

Finding Monaco was easy, finding an empty parking space proved more difficult. Narrow streets, packed with other tourists and citizens of Monaco, made navigating really hard. After a while we finally found an underground parking lot on the pier. It was quite a walk back to the palace, but I think it was worth it. After all, after sitting at tables for three days made us restless, and walking did the trick. We found our way to the “old” city, and enjoyed a nice lunch.

The trip form Monaco to Vence was short and easy, only rush-our slowed us down. Vence turned out to be a beautiful town. We spent three days there, walking every street, window-shop “every” shop and ate good meals several times a day. Wow! What a life. Only too good to last forever. Thursday came too soon, and before we knew it we were at the airport on our way home.

As always, I was a bit sad when we had to leave. But it is also always good to come back home after a long trip. And even it wasn’t more than a week, it was so full of events it felt like so much more. I don’t think we’ll put Sebastian through traveling for a while. He seemed to be a bit stressed and uncomfortable with the whole thing. And he was very happy when we put him in his own bed on the night we got home. He was so happy he “talked” to us for more than 15 minutes before he fell asleep.

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