Aug 8, 2008

A few notes on the day: 080808

This is the magic day we were waiting for. We were even prepared to wait even longer, but the Jellybean had other plans for us. Today Sebastian is almost 4 weeks (2 days away), and I can’t believe how fast he grows and changes. This is also probably the last post containg the words "080808" and "Jellybean", and that really feels strange. But, on the other hand, I'm really looking forward to creating posts with the words "Sebastian" and "Family".

The Olympics are opening today, and we can look forward to something to watch in the late hours when Sebastian doesn’t want to sleep. I’ve tried to find something useful or entertaining to watch earlier, but there is not much to choose from. It’s all reruns or really bad shows running at night, and news on CNN or BBC is not very interesting the third time over…..

We’re also looking forward to the weekend. Since I get to go to work during the week, the sleeping arrangements are a bit unfair to my wife. I’ll help her out a bit more the next few days, and hopefully make up for a few hours of snoozing.

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