Jun 30, 2008

Crete vacation, post#7 (Monday June 9.)

Monday was a day for adventure. Blue adventure diving as the operator happened to be named. A day at sea, two dives, and equipment included for 80€ was a bargain we simply couldn't turn down. I am always a bit skeptical to the quality of the equipment when included in packages. But I was soon corrected. Yes, the equipment wore sign of use, and the suits had seen better days, but everything else was just fine. As for the dives: The fist was a cavern dive. We visited two caverns during our 40 minutes dive. I have never dived at a cavern before, and was marveled by the experience. The coolest part was at cavern number 1 where fresh water came from a nearby source and mixed with the salt water, creating a blur in the water when we stirred through the layers. The second dive was an open water dive, where we could examine the "locals".

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