Jun 17, 2008

Back from Crete!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’ve had a wonderful vacation in Crete. I wrote some posts on my cell phone, but decided not to post them without a proper computer. Posts will appear with an indication of which date they were written. Photos will be added at a later time. I have 400++ images to go through.

What else is happening? Just a few things.

  • Painters are almost done painting the exterior. A suspect they will be done tonight (if the sky can hold back the rain for one more day).
  • The garage doors are coming down. We are replacing to narrow entrances with one wide door.
  • The office is almost cleared now, and in a few days our “multi-function” room will be finished (only missing a carpet and some lights). When the first room is done, I’ll start tearing down the wallpaper and get painting.

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