May 28, 2008


Has it been a week already? I guess so. It’s been busy. I don’t know with what. But it has. Now, let’s see. Cleaning, walking the dog. Ah… Indy and the crystal scull (recommend it). Visiting friends, bar-b-q-party, cleaning (I know… it’s a lot of cleaning) painting the garage, tearing down a tree in the garden. Phew… no wonder I don’t have time to sit in front of the computer and write blogs.

So, what’s new? Nothing much. Jellybean is a good boy, kicking and having hiccups. Other than that, the tummy is growing, and someone is looking forward to “get it out!”.

We have finally removed some furniture in the downstairs living room (soon to be office / library / TV-room). Since the furniture is old, but still usable, we donated it to the Salvation Army. Now I have assembled a few chairs from IKEA to take the couch’s place. And soon there will be enough room to start moving the office.

By the way; who needs to go to the gym when you have a house to keep?

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