Apr 28, 2008

Learning to shoot

Here I am again, trying out features of both Picasa and blogger. As I already have stated on my live space, I am trying different blogs to find the "right" tool for me to share my thoughts, and to show you some of my photos as I am trying to master my Canon SLR :)

Already I see one advantage over the live implementation. The first feature I've been looking for is the "simple" float function. Where you can type text around the images, and not just put an image in one DIV tag, and the bulk text in a separate div tag.

Now, About the photo: the picture is taken by "Svartediket" just outside Bergen. A lovely place to just walk around and enjoy life. Expect more photos from this area in furure posts. This is a tree I discovered while eating my lunch. It was right in front of me, and screamed for attention :)

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