Aug 6, 2010

Project; Everyday life, Around the world - Theme: Doors

I've had a two week break from this project, but now I'm back. I simply could not find time to find something interesting for the previous themes. They were exiting enough, but I've been really busy this summer.

Well, summer is sadly on our doorsteps, and having "doors" as a theme seems appropriate.

This doorway can be found downtown Bergen, and every summer the roses crawl around the doorway. My only regret is that I did not move the garbage out of the frame. But hey; this is supposed to be everyday life, and not some picture perfect tourist commercial ;)

It's good to be back!


  1. Lovely door-you could have just cropped the shot to get rid of the bin!

  2. Nydelig bilde og morsomt prosjekt. Jeg har lest litt i dag hvor de foreslo type slike prosjekter; dører, dørskilt, gateskilt, runde gjenstander osv... jeg må tenke litt på det, for jeg liker sånne prosjekter.
    Godt jobba. :-)

  3. Nydelig bilde MED søppelbøtte, synes jeg! Som du sier, det er jo hverdagsbilder - og med hverdagen følger søppelbøtter :) De rosebuskene var en fryd for øyet!

  4. that's a delightful doorway. the roses are a welcome sight.