Jun 7, 2010

Project; Everyday life, Around the world - Theme: Water

Another week, another challenge :)
I really did not know where to begin with this one. Bergen is located on the western coast of Norway, and there is water everywhere. So finally I decided to present to you some of the water I have passed by with my camera.

The feature of this post is "Lille Lungegårdsvannet" in the middle of town, and a keen eye might easily discover this water was present on one of my previous posts for "Everyday life". The other photos are from the following locations (clockwise from top left): The pier at Gamlehaugen, The view from Fløyen (overlooking Bergen city), my balcony, and finally Myrdals vannet where I often take my dolg for a walk :)



  1. It seems like lots of us on this meme today have water as a major part of our life! I really like your collage -- in fact I'm kind of jealous of it. Lovely job -- lovely water.

  2. Kjempefine bilder, skal si det er god utsikt fra toppen der :)

  3. Tank You, Sallie. Yes, it seems water is everywhere, and it's a major part of our lives. No need to be jealous, I've seen your contribution :)

    Takker Rune. Om du synes utsikten i fra Fløyen ser bra ut, burde du komme hit en tur og se den i fra Ulriken ;)

  4. Nydelige vannbilder. Bergen ER jo vann :)