May 15, 2010


What a day! We all had a great day at "Vårsleppet". Why? mom doesn't love cars, dad's not that into them either. But here is why: Sebastian is in love with everything making any noise resembling "vrooom". Just watching him was worth the entrance fee :)

And yes, dad brought his camera along. It was a bit hard to get any clean shots of any cars, as they estimated there were about 10 000 present at the fair. But here are a few shots I took. There are plenty more, but they were all to crowded (or I might be a bit picky ;)

There are more photos of Sebastian in his album at I've also added a few more carshots in the newly added Vehicle album.

1 comment:

  1. Tihi. Kul serie, med tøffe utsnitt.

    Vår nå 10-åring kunne navnene på mer eller mindre alle bilmerker som tenkes kan da han var 20 mnd. (Han uttalte citroën og renault osv. korrekt, hehe, lille tassen.) Han var helt vill etter biler... den gang da. Nå derimot har han ikke snøring overhodet, og er svært lite interessert.