Feb 16, 2010

With and without an "artistic" layer

What to do when you like the photo setup, but you're unhappy with the actual result (Mostly due to camera-shake, I was carrying Sebastian on my back at this point). Well, I tried out some of the artistic layers in element. And even though it might be a bit hard to tell from these "thumbnails", there is quite a difference when you see them in full size.

The first picture is the edited one, and the one I am most pleased with :)


  1. Just looks like some of the highlights have been lost. I'm curious what you actually did to the image?

  2. I've added some "brush strokes" to cover up the already lack of sharpness. It might be more obvoius if you take a closer look at the 1600px version (swap 800 with 1600 in the link)