Jul 12, 2009

A second photo walk in Bergen; Part two

Here's Charlie in action.

We both found the tree interesting, but I also found Charlie's hunt for a good angle interesting. I have to admit this photo is arranged, because the first shoot I took (when she wasn't aware of me) didn't turn out any good. But this shot did :)

As most of the pictures in the previous post was taken on Nøstet, most of these photos are taken on the harbor side of Nordnes. I have also altered the heading for the blog by replacing the piture with one in this post.


  1. nice pictures. I have to admit, as I get more and more into photography I find myself getting into all kinds of odd positions. What's more I no longer care who sees me doing it either; I think i'm more photogenic that way anyway.

  2. Thank you. And, I agree. If you take a look at Charlie's post, you'll find me flat out on the pier, trying to capture.... something :)