Jul 2, 2008

Almost too easy

I passed the 70-622 and 70-623 exams today. I was really just registered for the 622 exam. But after reading the guidelines for the 623 exam, I realized the two of them were very similar. So when I showed up this morning, I asked if I could take the extra exam.

“No problem” was the answer I got. And only 35 minutes after I was done with the 622 exam, I was also done with the 623 exam.

Having completed these two, in combination with the 620, gives me two more MCITP certifications.
- IT Professional: Enterprise Support Technician
- IT Professional: Consumer Support Technician

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on your new MCITP titles! I totaly agree that it is almost too easy - I used only about 33 minutes on my 620 exam. But then again lets aim higher - lets do Microsoft Certified Master!

    I dare you =)